About our Dog Treats

Barkriffic believes healthy, wholesome dog treats are the only treat you should give your dog. Our dog biscuits are made with organic ingredients, locally raised vegetables and meats whenever possible and contain no preservatives. By using ingredients from local farmers we also contribute to the local economy and support the farmers markets in the area.

Dogs have the ability to wiggle each nostril independently, breathe through the holes in the front of their nose and exhale through the side slits, and discern each individual smell making up what we could call a “scent.” As humans have about 5 million cells devoted to smelling, dogs have up to 220 million. Not only that, dogs also have four times the brainpower devoted to processing sense! We may smell “vegetable soup,” but a dog smells each individual ingredient. Our dogs’ noses are so powerful that  they can detect one tablespoon of sugar in the amount of water it would take to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools!​ Since your dog has such a wonderful sense smell he/she smells each and every ingredient in their food, this is why we only use the freshest fruits, vegetables and meats.

Doesn’t your dog deserve the best available in their diet? Barkriffic’s dog treats are just that! But, as always, be aware of  your dog’s nutritional needs, food sensitivities, and allergies.