About our Dog Treats

In the early 2000’s I made a conscious decision to take a deeper look into the foods my dogs were consuming. It was at that time I realized that many of the foods were filled with corn products, by-products, fillers, and lots of preservatives.

I started preparing homemade meals for the three of them to supplement their high-quality kibble and then eventually progressed to a raw diet including fruits and vegetables. During that time, I learned more about what a dog needs and don't need nutritionally.

In 2007 I began surfing the web for nutritious dog treat recipes not only because of my passion for baking but also to provide them with a healthy snack alternative. Once again most of the treats were made with cornmeal and didn’t provide any nutritional ingredients. Over the years, the kitchen has been a flurry of organic flours, fresh produce, and items most people would be disgusted to have their hands on such as chicken feet, liver, kidneys and the list goes on. Oh, by the way, my furry pups were happy to assist as my taste testers and samplers along the way in perfecting the treats.

 Now, all the Barkriffic “doglicious” treats contain at least one source of healthy nutrients with locally sourced ingredients of vegetables/fruits and meats along with organic flours when possible. Thus, contributing to the local economy. The treats contain no preservatives. The recipes are all original and have been refined over the years to produce a healthy dog treat. And we even have a few varieties of “wheat-free” dog biscuits for those who are intolerant of wheat products. Every variety of our treats are made with love in small batches, rolled by hand, oven baked and are preservative free.

Doesn’t your dog deserve the best? Our treats are just that! But always be aware of your dog’s nutritional needs, food sensitivities and allergies.

 Dog Sampled, Dog Tested, Dog Approved!