The Bark Behind Barkriffic

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, we are a female owned small business with a passion for handcrafting high quality, locally sourced pet products that fuel your shared adventures ahead with your best friend. 

The doggone Barkriffic difference: 

We support local farmers, markets and small businesses every chance we get, because this is our home. By building lasting relationships with local farmers we not only do our part by lowering our carbon footprint, but we stand behind what we believe in - giving your pup the freshest, most nutrient dense ingredients that supports their fullest lives. 


Handmade with Love:

Every Barkriffic pet product is handmade with love in the Great Smoky Mountains. But truly, our craft makes us come alive. There is nothing that brings us more fulfillment than pouring into your sweet family’s health and wellness - one bandana and hand rolled dog treat at a time. 

Family First:

Here at Barkriffic we are more than bent ears and puppy eyes. We are family. The relationships we hold with our partners and loyal pet owners mean everything to us. At the end of the day, whether shopping online or visiting us at your local farmer’s market, we want Barkriffic to feel like a warm and inviting place to come home. P.S. just a warning… we do let dogs sleep on the bed!


Built for Adventure:

Our products are designed to go where your wild pup goes. Each dog bandana is made to last with high quality, machine washable fabrics. Because a loyal dog on the move deserves to be fashionable too!


A letter from the founder:


Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with a handful of lovely friendships. Yet, my truest have always included a wagging tail and four paws. 

It’s with this unconditional love that I became curious about what my best friends were actually consuming day after day. Upon doing my research, I came to realize that many of the foods were filled with corn products, by-products, fillers, and lots of preservatives.

Inspired by my findings, I started preparing homemade meals for my pups to supplement their high-quality kibble. Which eventually progressed into introducing a raw diet including fruits and vegetables. During that time, I discovered the truth about what dogs need and don’t need nutritionally to lead long and healthy lives aligned with ours.

Over fifteen years ago, Barkriffic became a recipe of its own making. I was so moved by my own family's experiences, and the difference the intentional diet changes made in all of our lives, that I felt called to share the magic beyond my messy, flour filled kitchen. 

Today Barkriffic is made up of a community of: farmers, dog obsessed families, all natural wellness junkies and mountain folk who believe in the healing goodness of a dog’s unwavering companionship. 

Not one of us are the same, but we have one thing in common - we love our best friends and believe they deserve the very best. & that’s where Barkriffic comes in. 

From the bottom of my heart, welcome to the family. We are so happy to have you here. 


Give your dog a ear scratch and a belly rub from me, 


PS: Meet the Chief Taste Tester and  Sample Tester Supreme

Guinness, Chief Taste Tester

Even though Guinness is a Goldador he is the pickiest of eaters with a discriminating taste for fine treats, if the treats don't meet his approval they don't become a menu item for Barkrffic. He also doubles as my mobility service dog.

Violet, Sample Tester Supreme

Ms. Violet Rose is at my feet during the entire baking process to sample and  ensure that every batch is full of flavor. She believes her role is to catch every crumb is not wasted!