Behind Barkriffic

Barkriffic is a female owned, small business designed by real dogs for real dogs. 

In 2007, Denise was inspired by her dogs and founded Barkriffic to give four legged family members richer lives by providing thoughtful pet owners with local, all natural dog treat options that not only support dog’s needs, but taste doglicious. 

Fast forward fifteen years, hundreds of recipes and endless happy taste testers later, and Barkriffic has become so much more than a business. It’s become a community. A place where dog lovers can come home. 

The brand is rooted in adventure, family values and the culture of the Great Smoky Mountains. You see, Barkriffic dogs are the farthest thing from show dogs. They’re real dogs. The ones who: play fetch, protect the house, take hikes, wrangle cattle, snuggle our children, roll in mud, console us when we’re sad and get into a little trouble from time to time. 

We handcraft high quality products that honor and celebrate the dog that wouldn’t dare leave your side. Because, the truth is, they not only deserve it, but we wouldn’t be half the humans we are without them.