"Stay in Place" Bandannas

"Stay-in-Place” dog bandannas have that “feel good” feeling. This style of bandanna will never be lost, pulled off in those tug-of-war contests, or have tattered, torn ties for those dogs who love to chew. It simply slides right onto your dog’s current collar. No need for the hassle of tying. It’s a great choice for those rambunctious puppies or active dogs.

stay in place dog bandana

See the guideline below for ordering the proper size. Just and FYI our sizing runs bigger than what you would buy from the big box stores. If you have any questions, you may also email us:


Toy:   Recommended for dogs 5-12 lbs. (Toy breeds, Chihuahuas and Cats)

Mini:  Recommended f or dogs 12-25 lbs. (Yorkies, Terriers, Pugs, Shih Tzu) 

Small: Recommended for dogs 25-45 lbs. (Cockers, Beagles, Boarder Collies)

Medium: Recommended for dogs 45-85 lbs. (Shepherds, Boxers, Retrievers)