"Tail Wagging" Bandanas

With three bandanna styles to choose you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your dog’s style and size. Whether it’s the “Stay-in-Place", Traditional Tie or a “Snap-on" style.

 Un-like those bulk, bandannas purchased at big box stores our dog bandannas are lovingly made individually in Western North Carolina. Each and every bandanna is reversible with a coordinating fabric, have no raw edge and are decoratively stitched. Does your dog love to roll and play in the dirt, romp through mud puddles?? No need to worry, all the bandannas or machine washable.

With up to five sizes (depending on the style) to select from, there is a size for every dog from the smallest to the largest. Brighten your dog’s life and personality by making a selection from one of our many fun dog bandannas.

Dogs with lean slender necks or those with long fluffy fur will be
better fitted with our traditional  tie bandannas


For a perfect fit use the guide below. The stay in place bandannas should

            fit half way around your faithful companion’s collar. Questions??

On sizing please email us


Size Guide Line:

 Toy:   Recommended for dogs 5-12 lbs. (Toy breeds, Chihuahuas and Cats)

Mini:  Recommended f or dogs 12-25 lbs. (Yorkies, Terriers, Pugs, Shih Tzu) 

Small: Recommended for dogs 25-45 lbs. (Cockers, Beagles, Boarder Collies)

Medium: Recommended for dogs 45-85 lbs. (Shepherds, Boxers, Retrievers)

Large: Recommend for dogs over 85 lbs. (Mastiffs, Rottweilers, St. Bernard)